About Tawny

About Tawny

As we continue our efforts to combat COVID-19 here in Wisconsin, we must also prepare for the upcoming election. Due to many events being cancelled, our current times have proven to be quite challenging in personally meeting you as a candidate. While I will continue to safely attend events, door knock, online Zoom/Skype/FaceTime calls, respond to phone calls/emails, correspondence, etc.. I am also in need of your help too! If you feel you can safely get the word out about my candidacy to your close family, friends and co-workers who live in the 45th District, it would be greatly appreciated! If you would like to volunteer for my campaign or would like me to attend an event, please contact my campaign to be scheduled on my calendar!

I have open ears and am broad-minded to listen and work alongside others to develop new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of the changing times.

Biographical information:

★ I am 41 years old, a life-long 45th District resident of Beloit, WI. Attended Beloit Schools including St. Johns Lutheran, Royce Elementary, McNeel Jr. High, Beloit Memorial High School (1997), and Beloit College (2001).

★ I am a single parent of a 16 year old daughter, Katherine, who attends Beloit schools (BMHS Junior 2020-2021).

★ Professional background: teaching/education (History-725; high school level), coached tennis (BMHS Boys Varsity/JV Teams), non-profit program management/fundraising (Stateline Literacy Council), project management (construction industry), human resources professional. Other notable credentials include: Lean Six Sigma Certification, Wisconsin Public Notary, Wisconsin Conceal Carry

I AM NOT A CAREER POLITICIAN! I have never run for political office or held a political office. I am doing so now because I want to be the voice for my district. I want to represent YOU, the people of the 45th District, at the Capitol in Madison, Wisconsin. I want to make a difference for the Wisconsin communities I love! I believe the most effective, responsive government, is a government run by the people. Accountability is Key!

I AM REPUBICAN! I have open ears and am broad-minded to listen and work alongside others to develop new and innovative ideas to meet the challenges of the changing times.

Topics/Issues which are important to me, but not limited to:

  • Quality Education: all children have the right to quality education no matter their zip code/family income.
  • Investing in our Workforce: assist business, including our workforce to get back on their feet; support for appropriate education, apprenticeship programs and job training.
  • Budgeting for the Future: ensure that our government spends your tax dollars as efficiently as possible, budgets responsibly and is able to weather a rainy day.
  • Rural Issues: help the farm-based communities with their unique issues and challenges so they can continue to thrive and grow in the great state of Wisconsin!
  • Affordable Healthcare: support commonsense solutions to increase access to care and reduce costs.
  • Second Amendment: believe Americans have the right to own, carry and use guns in a responsible manner.